OBS Endorses Aldermanic Candidates

On Tuesday, March 3, constituents in the City of St. Louis will vote in the primary election for the Board of Alderman. All even number wards along with 7 and 15 are up for election.

The political landscape of our city is heavily democratic. Therefore the primary election on March 3 will most likely determine who will become an Alderperson for the City of St. Louis. We strongly encourage registered voters go to the polls on March 3.


After meeting with multiple incumbents and candidates running for alderpeople, the Organization for Black Struggle will endorse 5 candidates based on their support of the Quality Policing Initiative including legislation supporting Civilian Oversight. The Organization of Black Struggle  endorses:


Ward 2

Jasmine Turnage, Democratic Party




Ward 7

Chelsea Merta, Democratic Party 









Ward 8 

Kevin Mckinney, Democratic Party








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Ward 15

Megan Green, Democratic Party 







Ward 20

Cara Spencer, Democratic Party