People's Movement Assembly

OBS is hosting the People’s Movement Assembly on Saturday March 14th, at the Greater St. Mark Church on 9950 Glen Owens Drive, Dellwood MO 63137 from 3pm – 6pm. The PMA is a mass gathering organized to address essential social issues and question pertinent to the community.  Its characteristic is one of “true Democracy," meaning “one person, one vote.” This process enables the community to create the neighborhoods they want to see. 

ORB PMAssemblyFlyer March14 web

Inform anyone you know in North County that would be able to attend and support this event. The creation of the PMA comes out of the unrest in Ferguson and a need to transform the relationship between concerned citizens, elected officials, police, and business persons.  It is modeled, in part, after the People's Assembly in Jackson, Mississippi that led to the election of Chokwe Lumumba.

 Concerned citizens will together and create a list of issues that need to be addressed in the community. The issues are voted on by the entire assembly, who selects members to populate issue tables. The meeting at these tables will address the resources needed to effectively solve or make progressive steps forward.  The Assembly empowers people to be “hands on” dealing with its issues.