Are You Ready For The Next Revolution?


The Next Revolution Fellowship Program is a transformative experience that utilizes social justice training, history, culture, popular education, classroom exercises and counseling to cultivate leadership and community organizing skills.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Deaconess Foundation, a total of 15 participants were selected based on age (16-26 years old), past activism, protest related activities and a desire to attain the skillsets of masterful community organizing.

During a five-week period, program organizers covered a wide range of topics. Members of different youth organizations (including Freedom Fighters, Lost/Found Voices, Tribe X, Black Souljahz) participated in interactive exercises and social justice learning activities alongside members of other organizations. The Program encouraged networking and coalition building. To enhance the depth of the material covered in the biweekly sessions, program participants were provided with books, educational materials, DVDs, and other resources. All participants were also granted access to free counseling services with a licensed professional.

Each session featured a guest with organizing experience or a special knowledge in the area being covered. During the five week pilot program there were sessions covering movement and Black radical history, finding your place in the movement, target analysis, developing and implementing campaigns, direct action, canvassing, phone banking, coalition building, decision making, framing an issue, building an organization, time management, program budgeting, maximizing social media/press/publicity, fundraising, legalities of activism, what to do if arrested, counterintelligence tactics, and facilitating effective meetings. The fellows were also invited and encouraged to work together on the organizing projects that are currently underway within OBS.

Upon completion of the fellowship, alumni are still able to attend enhanced skill-building workshops that supplement their program training. Consulting on campaign development, fundraising, building an organization, direct action tactics, grant management, coalition building and many other areas of interest are available to all graduates of the program. Fellows are encourged to continue to consult with OBS’ Youth Director, about community organizing projects, and pursue ongoing free counseling services.